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Do you need a responsible Enforcement Agent you can trust to collect at Compliance Stage?

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Let’s be honest, some Enforcement Agents don’t have the best of reputations. But with over 20 years’ of local taxation recovery experience, Dukes guarantee to be honest, ethical and transparent in all our dealings with your customers. No matter how difficult a debt is to recover, we treat each case with understanding and determination – it’s how we get such great results.

Dukes Bailiffs are committed to collection during the Compliance Stage

Our methods are built on a professional, prompt, persistent and completely transparent approach with our unique debtors’ advice website. This means you can be assured of better results, ethically collected - often at Compliance Stage - without the need of Enforcement Agent visits.

Of course you will always have hardcore debtors - people who can pay but won't - that require enforcement action. Our robust recruitment methods and high quality training means we only employ professional Certificated Enforcement Agents who know how to get the right results, the right way. This ensures your reputation stays intact AND your collection rates are high.

We believe our ratio of debt collected to fees charged is the best in the UK.

Ask us for our collection statistics so you can compare Dukes against your current Enforcement Agent.


How to choose the right Enforcement Agent

12 Facts You Need to Know

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Choosing a Bailiff who can collect local taxation debt quickly, ethically and professionally seems to be getting more difficult every year.

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